I been invited to an assessment centre for Qinetiq, has anyone got any advice?


I have my telephone interview on tues… any tips??


Mudd h

Have you had your AC, how did it go? have you got any tips you can share…thx


AC went well thanks. I got through. But sorry cant share anything abt the assessment as we have been advised not to do so. All I would say is, just know the company well, do your research, make sure you know your presentation topic in detail.


I understand, Thanks anyway


One last thing…How much do they offer and have you started or when do you start. Thanks


I will be starting in september. Pay is 24k


After you’ve applied, how long do they take to get in touch with you?



any tips on what we should prepare for the written exercise and the technical interview? got my AC at the end of feb!!

they took awhile to get in contact after my initial application but after that the process has been quite quick.


I’ve got my telephone interview on Monday.

Any idea what to expect?

Also where is the Graduate Scheme for the business aspect based? It is not really made clear on the website.


The purpose of this website is to help people. You do realise after an AC they don’t base if you pass on how well others do.

It really annoys me when I read posts like this when everyone else is willing to share their experiences.


Telephone interview is mainly competency based. They will ask you a couple of questions about the company:

Why do you want to work for QinetiQ?
What do QinetiQ do?

Competency questions I got asked are below:

Tell us a time where you had to show initiative?
Describe a time when you faced an obstacle, How did you overcome them?
Describe a time when you have to work in a team. What did you attribute to the team?
Describe a time when you have to analyse a large amount of data in a short period of time?
Tell us about a time where you had to sacrifice something within a team?

They do require alot of detail so make sure you have your example thought out before hand.

Hope this helps


My telephone interview was pretty much the same questions as my application form, so I was glad that I had printed that out before my interview!! There was also some questions about why qinetiq i think and maybe what they do aswel! but other then that the telephone interview was pretty standard!!


thanks for all your help guys.quick question ns404 : did they ask you only to give one example or when you answered same things you had written on the application form they asked you for a second example as well?


dey didnd ask me for a diff example so just gave them the same answers… and it worked cos i got through to the ass centre so think it should be fine!


thnx a lot I hope u do great!! btw are you an Engineering graduate?how about you Mudd2487 ??


@ hellohello, although companies might say that you are individually assessed based on your performance and assessed against a criteria, the reality is that there are usually a specific number of vacancies available and comparisons with other candidates is inevitable as there, generally, more candidates who pass the AC than there are positions.


To be honest for qinetiq it doesn’t really matter as the do their AC’s by degree discipline so anyone who has already been to an AC will not be in competition with me for a position.

Anyway you can check my post history and it is evident from that I am always willing to share my experiences. If I can help someone on here get a job with one small detail for an AC that I have already been through and achieved the outcome then I will.


teardrop i’m going for engineering.


jagode , if you believe that people are so competitive…can you give me a reason why should anyone believe what other people are posting? and not giving wrong tips so at an interview or an assessment centre you get caught unprepared and someone else can have the advantage?