Does anyone has any experience with the interview process at Qedis? Any information will be very much appreciates. Thanks!


Did you apply? If so, could you share your experience? Thanks!


IT would be really interesting to find out more about this company actually - there’s not much info online. What do they do?


I’ve only found out information from online really, sorry that’s not much help. Their website is quite good though.


I’ve applied to Qedis, but can anyone tell me if they were successful? And how long I should wait for a response?


i applied to Qedis weeks ago and have yet to receive a response. How long did you have to wait for the outcome of your application?


I never did actually! Hope you are luckier than me guys!


I got a feeling Qedis do not take applications seriously?


I’m thinking it might be worth while to call them to follow it up. It couldn’t do any harm…


I’ve emailed a few times, but no luck. I’ll give them another week or so. Thanks for the tip


I’ve emailed a few times, but no luck. I’ll give them another week or so. Thanks for the tip


Hi Guys,

Thought I’d send a message directly as I work in recruitment at Qedis.
We really do take applications seriously and apologies if you haven’t heard back, we are managing very high volumes of CVs at the moment so it is taking us longer to respond than normal, particularly as we prefer to respond ‘by hand’ rather than in an automated way. This post has however allowed us to identify that it’s better if we channel all applications through one email address - so thanks for that!

Please could you make sure you send applications to careers@qedis.com (not info@qedis.com) as perhaps these have been filtered or reached the wrong inbox.

MWoodhouse – Unfortunately we didn’t ever receive your CV with your covering letter and followed up with an email to you about this on the 30th September and again on the 25th October. Hopefully you received these. Please do send it in if you would still like to apply.

Our application and selection process works by sending in a CV and covering letter to careers@qedis.com. Successful candidates will then be invited into a 3-stage interview process. We also run intern and analyst assessment days several times a year. Information about the job roles at Qedis can be found on the careers website, in the ‘Consulting Job Profiles’ section.

Hope that helps!


Can anyone advise please roughly how long Qedis take to come back with a decision on your CV/Cover letter? I also applied through the Website, i did get an email to say my application has been received so hopefully that is ok!

Thank you



I have applied to Qedis consulting twice and have not heard back from them, presumably they are swamped with applications.

My first attempt last November was speculative as the Qedis website is open to applications year-round. I emailed a few times to confirm receipt of the application and/or if it had been successful but I didn’t hear anything. Hey-ho.

The second application was submitted in January as the Qedis site was advertising for open positions (non-speculative) for graduate analysts. My new tactic was to try phoning Qedis when I hadn’t heard anything and this was ok as I did get to speak to a representative. Then I was redirected to an HR mobile number to leave a voicemail asking for feedback. I’ve now made two of these phone calls and heard nothing, again. I will try as often as I can to try and get some feedback, positive or negative but I guess that there are just too many applications and I’m not going to hear anything.

It seems like such an exciting company to work for, has anyone else received any feedback on their applications?



Further update:

Left three voicemails with contact details, called front desk to pass my contact information on to HR for application status. Result: nothing.

Qedis has done really well to maintain its status as a Times Top 100 Best Small Company to Work for in 2011, Heaven forbid if they compile one for 100 Best Companies to Apply To.


Hi all,

I work for Qedis in the recruitment team. I’d like to apologise for the lack of contact you’ve had since applying.

As mentioned above, Qedis is a best small company to work for and has been in the top 10 for the past two years, which while fantastic for our people, does make it more challenging for applicants as it means we are receiving on average up to 200 applications per week.

With a small team, it also makes coming back to each person a challenge as just reviewing cv’s has become more time-consuming, resulting in delays.
As a result of this we have begun using a new online system, which helps us handle the volume of applications and will hopefully stop situations like this from occurring.

If you would like to reapply, please can you email me directly at ravinder.batth@qedis.com so I can respond to you personally.


Actually i agree- qedis’s recruitment is very unprofessional, it’s strange to be honest. I applied online then got a reply from “Lisa Ingles” within 15 minutes of my application - which inc. cover letter and CV - of a generic reply of " you dont fit our requirements, etc". Then the next morning, i get an automated message saying we will be in touch with you on your application.

  1. i dont know how they do their hiring. And if it is the case that my application has been rejected, it is quite clear that they are looking for very specific attributes whether it be internship/work experience or area of study. I suppose because I came from philosophy (master’s program) and from LSE it was not enough? But other than that my grades were good.

  2. They seem a bit hit and miss for recruitment. I personally know people in there with less than comparable credentials compared to mine in terms of school-grades-experience for fresh graduate application.

So all in all, i am quite confused and somewhat disappointed with Qedis’s application. I am also very curious to know how they hire?!?! My impression is that HR just look for things by ticking a box and may not know the nuances of different applications coming from different degrees but with just as good-comparable qualifications as others from economics, etc.


Hi Ewong24,

I wanted to respond to your comments above in addition to contacting you directly to give you a better insight into why your application was not considered for interview.

Your CV was reviewed and considered for our graduate analyst opportunities, you have an interesting background and your covering letter was very well written, however your profile was not as closely aligned to our ideal requirements in comparison to other candidates who have applied. We are open to considering candidates with all types of backgrounds, and we regard LSE to be a great University, however we have found that there are some degree disciplines that are better suited to the type of consulting work we do as a company. Philosophy is a fascinating subject to study, however we had candidates applying with other degrees which were more relevant to the subject matter we consult around – eg technology, business operations, management etc.

This was the main reason you were not selected to be invited to attend an assessment day.

I hope you can understand that unfortunately we are unable to offer every candidate an interview, and due to the volume of applications we do have to apply a selection criteria to help us identify the most suitable candidates, as we run assessment days in which we can invite up to 10 candidates only.

I looked into the communications that had been sent out to you following your application, as I was concerned that this had not happened correctly. However the system did track that the notification email was sent out to you on 28th June just after 4pm, which was just after your applied online and registered your details with us. I then reviewed your CV on the same day you applied, and sent you a notification to confirm your application had not been successful, this was definitely sent out after the initial registration notification was.

We thank you for considering qedis, and we sincerely wish you all the best with your career search, please come back to me if you have any questions.



I have to say I actually credit Qedis with getting back to me so quickly. I’d prefer to find out in 15 minutes than have to wait 2 weeks for a reply. I was too unfortunately unsuccessful in my application and I am studying my master’s degree in civil engineering which you would expect is more in line with what a consultants would be looking for, so I am sure it is more than just your ‘credentials’ that weren’t up to scratch. However, I’m sure if you are as good a candidate as you say you are then you will be successful


I recently applied to qedis online and it says your application is under consideration. Can anyone tell me by when will i hear from them?