PWC waiting time after partner interview



Hi all,

I recently had a final round partner interview for PWC Hr consulting and I have already been waiting over a week for a response. Is this normal? Or would this mean I am unsuccessful,

Interested in fidning out how long others had to wait for a response after the interview,



I had to wait under 24 hours to hear back that I was succesful. I know this has been the case for many applicants too however this doesn’t mean it can’t take longer. Nothing can be done until the Partner’s thoughts and notes are passed on to the Recruitment Team then it’s up to them to allocate places. I’d get in touch with them and see why there has been a delay.

Best of luck


If they told you the latest date they would aim to respond by and it’s past that then it’s reasonable to call and follow up. If they said it could take longer than you’ve waited so far then I would just wait. Was told I’d hear back after a week at most and got the offer a week later.


Thanks for your responses I got the offer :))) are you already at pwc or starting in 2015?


I had partner interview a week ago but after that no contact by HR. I did call them today but the HR asked me some other Qs like what is your notice period, are you relocating with family or alone. But they did not told me any decision on the partner interview. What does it mean?