I currently have two offers, one from KPMG in Reading and one from PwC in Manchester. The benefits for both firms are pretty similar, but KPMG pays around 30% more than PwC. However, the Reading office is not actually in Reading but in a village nearby whereas the manchester office is in the city centre. I believe the cost of commuting and the cost of living will be slightly higher in Reading while the standard of living slightly lower. The PwC Manchester office is bigger, and PwC is the no.1 financial services firm. Do these outweigh the extra pay? Why is there such a huge pay difference? After qualifying as an ACA will the pay be similar? Which company would you choose?


in terms of PwC vs KMPG, I would choose KMPG over PwC any day of the week. The culture and people at KPMG is much for nicer and friendlier. After all, its the people you are working with - matters the most!!!


I would prefer to be working in a large city like Manchester rather than being isolated in Theale off junction 12 of the M4. Theale is dull as ditchwater with only 2 pubs. Although you will be out of the office on audit a lot of the time. Isn’t PwC a bigger office (in terms of staff ,clients and services offered) than KPMG at Theale?
On the social side, I think Manchester would appeal more than Reading unless you will be going up to London a lot.


Would be interested to know which you opt for and why.
KPMG Reading is a bit quirky because of its location and I have heard other graduates turn it down for that reason. Good firm, wrong place. Possibly easier to get into than their London office so a point worth noting from a strategic point. Bit like knowing which college to apply to at Oxbridge.


I chose the PwC offer, mainly for the reasons listed above. Also I don’t really want to live out in a village while i’m still 21 and if I am staying there for at least three years (hopefully) of my training contract, I would like to be someplace I enjoy.
If I were to live in Reading, apparently the commute is hell, and I can’t be arsed doing that. I think the extra pay in Reading is due to its extra cost of living, it being in the commuter belt and the fact the office is in an unattractive location.

I was thinking that it might be easier to get into the London office, but then again what would those offices look for when hiring? Somebody who has experience with larger clients ( which I would be more likely to get while in Manc) or someone who happens to be nearby? I think the former. Also the fact that it is easier to go on international secondment with PwC was a plus for me.


Good choice, You’re spot on with Reading commuting. Hell on earth for traffic congestion and it’s a pretty horrible non descript place.
Enjoy PwC. You’ll have a ball in Manchester.


Thanks IBD_Haunter… I got offers from both of these two firms and had too make a choose. Most people I asked have always said that both are same and no one told me which is better. It’s good to know that you think KPMG is better than PwC.


Hi everyone,

Hope you’re all well. I am applying for the Marketing Graduate Scheme September 2015.

I passed my Assessment Centre last week and am just waiting on a date for a final interview with a Senior Partner. Can anyone offer any advice on this stage of the process? I have found that there is much more information on every other stage of the process. Anything would be a great help and I am more than happy to offer advice on any of the other stages of the process if you PM me.

Many thanks,



I would assume you have already did some research on the internet on how you can go about your interview with the senior partner. But, I just have three pointers that I can give you which made a Hugh impact on my interview.
Firstly, you must know your goal and have it at the back of your mind as you go about your interview. That’s the most important part. Your goal is the foundation of everything that will follow. Talk about your goal in the beginning of the interview and then link all your answers from the interview questions that the partner asks to your goal. You may find some questions difficult to link back to your goal. Don’t worry; as long as you can link the first two or three question, you have already won the heart of your interviewer. Just answer the questions as best as you can. Having your goal in your mind will make the interview flow cohesively and also show the interviewer that you are focused and determined. And it will also build your confidence as you go along.
Your goal can be sometime like ‘I want to be a chief marketing officer of so and so…’. Or whatever it is. It should be ultimate and long term.
Secondly, eye contact is very important. Always make eye contact but do not stare. Just be natural and be interested in what the interviewer has to say. Don’t pretend! You know the type of attention you give to someone when you are trying to get as much information as you can. Do that to the interviewer.
As I have mentioned, be confident. Don’t be afraid, you’ll give off bad energy when you do. If you start off well, your confidence will build on that. So have that goal in your mind. Furthermore, have a positive mind. Before you go into the room, just imagine that you have already aced the interview. Think about how you will react when you get that letter of offer. This will boost your confidence.
Cheers and all the best!