Say you had job offers from PwC and KPMG, both in Assurance and in the same area (e.g. Reading) which company would you choose and why?


I would choose KPMG for sure.
I understand that PwC is a bigger and better firm… but the culture and the people at KPMG is awesome! No one can beat that… after all, what matters the most? The firm you work for? or the people you work with?
I would choose the people, since you cant really differentiate much between the firms!


Choose where you think you would enjoy the job and training more based on the type of people you have met in the companies


I would look at the study timetable as I’m told it can vary between firms and vary depending on what dates you join.
You may find that you are on a real crammer course or that you have the study blocks spread throughout the year.
For some parts of the course some firms expect the trainees to do “self study” while others will use tutors.


how do you find out the study timetables?


I would suggest that a good starting point is graduate recruitment. They may have the info but more likely there will be a department (certainly in the large offices) responsible for the timetabling/monitoring of students’ studies.
Also it is very useful to talk to gradautes who are recent joiners and get them to tell you about their study programs.
Take a good look through the ICAEW website where you can read all about the three exam stages. If you are very keen you can look through the syllabus for each subject area.
Make no mistake our Institute exams require rigorous application. The work and subject matter is not inherently difficult but time management is critical and there is a lot to get through.
Quite a culture shock to many graduates who may be used to a more leisurely approach to learning.


Well the Times rank Pwc as the best Graduate Employer in the UK which is decided on by a poll yearly. I believe they have also won it for the last 5 years running. So on that basis I’d choose Pwc personally.

Also think about, it will be nice to put on your C.V that you worked for the #1 Accounting and Professiona Services business in the world.