PwC vs Deloitte


Ive been fortunate enough to get Graduate Audit offers from both PwC and Deloitte. Im really unsure which firm to choose. I would appreciate it if any current employees can give me an insight into what working at both firms is like.

Which firm would you guys choose and why?

Thanks :slight_smile:


I would definitely choose PwC. It’s doing really well in the UK and I’ve heard great things about the culture there.

But I have a friend who had an internship with Deloitte, and was really, really disappointed by their culture. This guy is a total over-achiever, still got great feedback at the end of the internship, and functions really well in corporate settings, so it wasn’t about him, I don’t think. He felt that they had a lot of wasted potential and it just wasn’t a very nice place to be.


Huh. Does this forum auto-delete the word Deloitte? (Just curious)

(Confirmed. It does remove D-e-l-o-i-t-t-e. Bizarre.)


That is the oddest thing.


Thanks for your advice :slight_smile:


Ive heard that PwC no longer send graduates to college for some of the ACA modules. Is this true?