PwC Vs Deloitte, who to choose?


Hi all. I am a final year student studying in England and I have recently underwent the recruitment process for PwC and Deloitte.

Fortunately I received offers from both firms, which I was delighted with (obviously) but it has put me in a very difficult position regarding which firm to choose!

For deloitte the graduate scheme is with the Audit department and for PwC it is a new split scheme with Forensics/Assurance.

I am changing my mind every single day with regards to which firm to go for and I am interested in what other people’s reasoning was behind choosing their firm over any other firm and how their experience has been so far.

Speedy replies would be appreciated as the deadline is coming up pretty soon!

Many thanks.


I would go for split scheme, as you always have opportunities to choose which business line you would like to focus on. I know PwC we’ll, you will be put in Assurance for 3 years, once qualified, you will do more forensic. But in the process, if you realise you want to do more assurance, you can let your people manager know. They will deal with it.