PwC vetting process & background checks


Hi all,

I have accepted offer to start work with PwC in the tax department late in 2012 and am really excited about the opportunity. I was lucky to also have had an offer from EY but choose PwC for several reasons!

However, I am a bit concerned with one part of the after-acceptance vetting process. I filled out my application as accurately and honestly as possible (all dates, marks, work experience spot on), but had a gap on my CV of a few months last year which PwC questioned. I see myself generally as an honest and morale person with principles but for some reason, but under the fear of this ruling me out of the process completely, I told PwC I used this time to travel abroad when in fact I hadn’t (although if I had of had the money I may have!). Instead I was at home in the UK planning my next moves and taking time out.

I am concerned that this stupid error of judgement will come to light during the background check process and would cost me the job. Am I worrying unnecessarily? Do PwC photocopy your passport when you start working with them? Would they be likely to check up on this (it was only 3 months, not a year or anything)

Note to self - honesty the best policy, always.


Hi James,

Congratulations on your offers! I can certainly see why you felt the need to tell them that you’d been productive with your time off, and that considering your future didn’t seem like a viable option so don’t beat yourself up too much over it.

Did you tell them where you supposedly went in those three months? If so then they might check on that, but I do know that if you travel within the EU on a UK passport then you don’t get a stamp so they wouldn’t be able to check that. In fact, the last time I went to the Netherlands, they just looked at my passport, didn’t swipe it or anything. I can’t see PwC checking every airline/ferry company/the Euro trains to make sure that you were outside the UK. Of course, if you told them you went to the States or somewhere else outside the EU, or if you don’t have an EU passport then they might well ask to see proof that you were where you said.

TL;DR, I wouldn’t worry about it but if asked follow ups and you have an EU passport, just say you were in Europe and they didn’t stamp your passport.


Hi i am about through to an aessment center, however i have made a few misakes on my online application form, is this the form they ceck when carrying out the process or do you fill another in???


they check your original app. I have not filled in anything separate since


Dude contact them. If there are any discrepancies in your application form and what they find during pre employment checks they may throw the book at you. You’ll be fine if you let them know now.


Yeah i have contacted them, and have told them about my errors and they have made them but they are not visible on my application form, they have apparently been added to my account does that sound right?


Yeah. You’ll be fine now.




Hi, am a bit worried over one thing. One of my work experiences was an online teaching job. I’ve been employed with them for 3 years, but have not been working… i am on leave for over 2 years now…and they still have me in their records…i.e., i can start working again anytime. however when i put the dates for that job, i put it for a few months …coz I started doing my degree… i was not working for them…(even though i was on their records and on leave) would that be a problem does anyone think? this was not my most recent job… any help, thoughts…? thanks!


Hey was your travel fine? I’m kinda worried about the same thing. Thanks in advanave