PwC Verbal offer, No email - Please Advise



Hello everybody,

I had my senior interview with a director at PwC for a graduate scheme two weeks ago. Last Monday, the director called me and informed me that I have been offered a position at the scheme and he told me that I should receive a call and email from HR until last Friday. However, I have received nothing yet and I have called them twice asking for information. The people I spoke with have been helpful but the only advice they could offer me is to wait. I feel that there might be something wrong with my application, because they were both making weird sounds when they were looking at my application. Both informed me that they had no access to check the verbal offer in their system.
I am increasingly worried (it’s been two weeks!) and do not know how to tackle this. Since the offer, I’ve pretty much stop my applications and cancelled any further interviews. I would appreciate any advice on how to handle this, and would welcome anyone with a similar experience.

Thank you!


Hopefully you’ve heard something since you posted this? If not maybe contact the director who have you the verbal offer? That’s the only thing I can really think to do other than calling the recruitment team again. Hope it all works out for you!