PwC Uxbridge



Does anyone know what tax routes are available at PwC Uxbridge? I have been researching their website and although this information is applicable for other London offices, I could not find anything more specific concerning the former location.
I would appreciate any help!
Thank you


Which tax route are you looking for? Not all service lines are available at all offices, and it may be that Uxbridge doesn’t have what you need. You can easily telephone them and ask.

Typical tax graduate scheme route at PwC is 3 years for the ICAEW ACA. There is an option also to do ICAS I believe.


I am interessted in the tax routes available for graduates following the generalist route. For all the other London locations routes are listed on the website, but for the Uxbridge office it only lists n/a.
I just want to make sure I have not overlooked something before I call them.