PwC Uxbridge vs EY London offer


I’ve got these two offers for September 2015 start. I wanted advice on which company would be better to start my career at. The salaries are more or less the same. Commuting to PwC will take me over an hour each morning while I can get to the EY office in 20 mins. ( I live in South East London so added travel costs for Uxbridge ). The offers are both for the auditing department, anyone with an insight working at either , feel free to reply. Which company is more likely to allow me to do secondments? I want to have an international career. Also which is better for promotions? I don’t want my career to become stagnant. Also if I did choose PwC , how long after until I could transfer to the London office?


Hi Jane

Thanks for posting here in the forum, and we hope someone at PwC or EY gets back to you soon. In the meantime we thought we’d let you know about the reviews pages for each company, as those might help to give you some insight into working at either company:

Good luck, and congrats on getting two offers!

The WikiJob team