PWC Undergraduate Assurance Placement



Hey guys, I have a telephone interview coming up this week for an Assurance Placement with PWC. A lot of posts seems to be regarding competencies etc and I was wondering if they ask any business questions such as about their clients, or trends in the industry etc also do you get any questions like why PWC or why your are perfect for the job? I don’t seem to be seeing much of that. If you could tell me of your experiences and what competencies you were asked would be a great help, Thanks!



So there are standard “areas” or “subjects” that the interviewer must cover. Definitely, they should ask at least one question relating to clients/ industry (especially now with changes in regulation and audit rotation etc). You nearly always will have “Why PwC” in some form, or possibly “why PwC and not the one of the other Big4”.

Hope this helps!