PwC UK: Client Administrator Role 2017. Interview Help!


Hello All,
I have my interview scheduled for Client Administrator role for PWC. Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of questions are asked in face to face interview?


Hi there,

The client admin role at PwC will have similar aspects to that of the graduate role - why pwc? why this role? competencies etc.
However, you really need to understand the role of a CA - what do they do day to day, how do they aid the team, why is their role integral.

Also have an understanding of where you want to be in 5 years, in case they ask this of you. There isn’t a straight path of progression from a client admin role, however you can talk about the skills it will give you and what you hope to gain/ give from/ to the role.

I hope this helps! Good luck


Thanks Lauren. Hope the interview goes well ! :slight_smile:


Hey, did you get the job? I am going for the interview next week, the problem is I don’t come from the UK, so I do not have GSESs that they wanted, did they check yours? As the role said no degree or qualifications needed, so I applied.