PwC UK 2018 Intake


I got a call last week to say that i had been successful in the PI and was offered the London Office. I verbally accepted the offer, but still haven’t received the contract offer. anyone else in this position?


I have my partner interview for grad technology data analytics in London coming up. If anyone could send me any tips/questions I would be forever grateful!


How long did it take them to give u a date for partner interview. I applied for same role in london too.


about 2 weeks, although they did say it’d take a week


Did you receive a call or an email to inform you that you didn’t get through?


Does anybody know when the start date for the Autumn intake?


mine’s 10 september


Does anyone knows when will PwC open their 2019 spring intake vacancies? Thank you for any reply you may offer :slight_smile:


Please, how was the Numerical and Verbal reasoning test? Any practice tip? Thanks


Hi, I just had my final interview as the tax innovation and technology program last Friday. May I ask that how long does it take to get the result for the final interview? kind regards,
Pingchuan ma


Hi guys, could someone please let me know how much technical knowledge do we need to know for the forensic data analytics partner interview? :slight_smile:


how long after the partner interview have people got their outcome?


people say its usually about a week. What sort of questions do they ask in the PI, i have mine next week :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I’ve just got offered an interview for this role, I was just wondering if you had any tips on the interviews (especially as someone not from a techy background who’s not sure this is right for them because of this!) thanks :slight_smile:


Good advice, but I wouldn’t recommend that site to anyone. It’s just a collation of obvious public information with an extortionate pricetag.


how long did people have to wait to get their partner interview outcome?


i got mine this week when is your one i applied for the same role :stuck_out_tongue:


when I’m done with mine i will tell you what came up :slight_smile:


Hi may I know how did your interview go? I’m going to have mine in 2 weeks time and I have no interview experiences at all. Would really appreciate it if you could share what questions they asked, the feedback and outcomes (:


Hi may I know what kind of commercial awareness preparation do we have to do? I have my interview in 2 weeks time not sure how to prepare for that