PwC UK 2018 Intake


Hi guys,

I have an AC for PWC coming up. For anybody that has attended the AC already, i have a few questions that I would be extremely grateful if someone helped me with! Firstly, what was the case study information based on for the Group task that you had to do together? What advice would you give for this group task and are there any points you believe would be beneficial to add during the group discussion. Also was there a partner/manager interview at the AC or was it just the three activities; the written task, Group tasks and the tests. If you could either reply to my post or message me
Your responses, that would be wonderful

Look forward to hearing from you all!


Thanks Shenking, that’s what I was hoping.


Hi first of all my group report was based on tea and coffee in china. In terms of performance in the group, try to speak first, ensure you’ve done your research and also that if possible you try facilitate the meeting brining in others( make notes of their points to question them) if you are successful at the AC that is when you’d get the chance of a partner interview.


Hi, has anyone heard back from PwC after Corporate Finance interviews in Birmingham? Been three weeks so starting to worry!


Hi all. For those that have done the AC recently, were the numerical and inductive tests similar type of questions and style to the ones done on the online tests?




I just got offered a role on PWCs Graduate Technology, Technology Risk scheme(had my partner interview 6 days ago). Feel free to message me if you have any questions the process


When are they going to release vacancies for 2019 Spring intake?


Hey, could you let me know the types of questions they asked please? As i have a partner interview tomorrow for an IT role! :slight_smile:


Hi! Congratulations on getting the offer! Could you please share some questions you have been asked in the interview?


Just wondering how long it takes PwC to inform you if you passed the a/c?


it took about 1 month for me.


is anyone else still waiting for a reply from PwC management consulting graduate scheme? was supposed to receive it on 1st of march. has anyone heard back - been accepted rejected?


For me, it’s around three working days.


I received a rejection on 2nd March. It was quite unfortunate as they said they had no negative feedback and development points for me, all positive feedback from the Application, AC and Senior Manager interview but they filled the positions with candidates that scored ‘higher’. They said they may get in touch about 2019 intake though…


thanks for your reply! for 2019, did they mean that you will be able to get it without applying, or will have to re-apply?


I believe I’d be able to get it without re-applying, which would make sense to be honest. Best of luck with your application though - have you heard anything?


makes sense! i hope they do :slight_smile: it sucks though, because they didnt even say anything bad… literally just about luck. i think the programme is insanely competitive! still heard nothing


Exactly! Luckily they were still polite and even they said they were frustrated over the situation, hence the potential 2019 offer though. The application process definitely takes far too long for this outcome - 5+ months! When was your final interview?


i think its cause its so structured! like they had pre-established interview times and everything. it took waaay too long - i had mine on valentines day haha