PwC UK 2018 Intake


Been waiting for over 3 weeks for an interview date…should I be worried that its filled up or are PWC always this slow


Got invited to an assessment centre for 2018 Cyber Risk on 11th December for February 2018, but then got another email today (2nd January 2018)saying unable to progress with application. Anyone ever experienced this or heard of this? Fairly confused now


Which office have you applied for?


Hi, I’ve experienced the same situation. I applied for Tax reporting and strategy and have got AC invitation at pretty much the same time with you (mid Dec). However I’ve been told that the team has recruited enough people, so they transfered me to other programmes but still within Tax. They also said I still need to attend the assessment centre that I’ve booked. I hope this helps your understanding about the situation


hey, i’m in the exact same situation, except i’m still waiting for my transfer request to be approved? which office and position did you transfer to?


Manchester, was due to attend an assessment centre in Leeds next month,when they later informed that they are no longer proceeding with the application, after the assessment centre was confirmed and I had booked a train ticket.


I see, but I was informed that they will other be regressing my application any further as opposed o transferring me to another programme as they did with you. Neither did they mention anything about recruitment being complete. Seems to be a rejection being made after invitation to assessment centre, that I never got to attend.


Had my partner interview yesterday. was a very relaxed chat, had 2 questions for each section of the PWC professional framework but most of the time the conversation turned into a general chat. Overall i was interviewed for around 1 hour 15 minutes/ i received my offer this morning for the role and it was commented that it was one of the best interviews that the director had done. i will be taking up a role in glasgow.


could you share any questions


Hey ! I was wondering whether you were able to share the questions for the interview? were there any commercial awareness questions? what role was this for ?

really would appreciate it xx


Hi bm96! Would you mind letting us know what questions you were asked? Also, was there anything on commercial awareness?

Many thanks,


Guys, does anyone know when background checks are conducted, if Pwc is crosschecking the duties from your CV with your previous employer, or are they only confirming the job role and the dates you were with them? I would assume it is the second but I think I’ve read that they do the first somewhere


I have my ac on 25 Jan, when is yours?


If you need any help regarding your application process, you can find all materials at graduatejobguide co uk. I would highly recommend you AC and PI guides + commercial awareness guide.


My partner had so many questions about my views on Brexit… also about Paradise Papers.


Hi, has anyone heard back for S&CC?


The AC is the same for every role!


I was wondering if anyone is starting in February?


Does anyone know how long PwC give you to accept an offer for Sept 2018 London intake?


Unless London is different to regional offices, you’ll probably get a month.