PwC UK 2018 Intake


Passed mine on 25th october, still no PI interview invite. However, my role is deadline driven so I know it is in Mid- Jan but haven’t got a date


Hey would you be able to give me some advice? I have my AC coming up on wednesday


hi, can anyone who’s done an AC tell me what they wore (male)…I know it says business casual but i’m not sure, would a suit without a tie be ok? or should I wear a tie


Suit with tie… what have u been wearing to ur other interviews?


yeah same, but I was just wondering if it might be anything different for PwC as they say “business casual”


Anyone waiting to hear about senior management interview for Birmingham assurance? been waiting a month now…


Hey congrats! What office will you be jointing - do you mind giving me some advice as to what questions and stuff you were asked?


Just received my offer for London Assurance :slight_smile: Happy to answer any questions regarding the process!


Congrats! Can I know how long did you wait for the outcome after the partner interview?


My interview was 2 and a half weeks ago and I heard back today :slight_smile:


2 and a half weeks :slight_smile:


What were the questions like in the partner interview? Especially competency and commercial awareness ones


I applied for actuarial London summer internship


Mine actually ended up being purely competency based, so I got the standard why PwC, why Assurance and then the rest were all based around their competencies and I got asked Qs for all of them so defo make sure you have examples for them all! The questions weren’t too bad, it was things like a time you’ve lead a team, a time you’ve worked in a team, something you’re really proud of, a time you’ve introduced a new process. They were all pretty standard questions which you can even find on the website, but my advice to you would be make sure you’re prepared to elaborate! So my interviewer started off asking me these Qs and then asked lots of follow up Qs based on what I had said. And also prepare commercial awareness in case because I know some people have been asked quite a bit about it, but mine was basically only competency based. Just relax and be yourself and you will be fine - the interviewers are lovely! Hope that helps and good luck! :slight_smile:


Awesome thank you. What and how did you prepare for commercial awareness?? And also how long did you wait to get a date for the partner inter view


I found the tests to be substantially easier than the online ones.

For the report, try to incorporate as much of the relevant data into your arguments. Start writing your intro as soon as the time starts. It is very timed pressure so you need to be very quick at skimming through the information.

For the group discussion, try and lead but if thats not possible make sure you contribute good ideas and try to involve other people.

Honestly, its not a scary experience, it was almost enjoyable as the other candidates were great. Remember, you aren’t competing against them. Learn the names of your group asap, use their names during the group discussion.


Ooo I have, what’s your news?!


Can anyone say how they speak about Brexit in an interview? I know you probably need to talk about how it may affect PwC and the economy as a whole, but is there anything I should make sure I mention?


Hi Rocky Rocky Rocky, how do you know it is deadline driven?


What kind of stuff are they expecting you to say when they say “tell me about yourself” in the interview?