PwC UK 2018 Intake


Hi, Congrats on passing the AC! i actually have my ac coming up next monday and was wondering you could give me some advice as to what to expect ? Any help would be appreciated many thanks


Hi , i hope your well, i have a ac coming up with PWC and was wondering if you coild give me any advice as to what to expect? any help would be appreciated many thanks


Hey, make sure you prep for the numerical and logical reasoning- I found graduate monkey best for logical reasoning and assessment day best for numerical. Assessment day also have an assessment centre package where they have a group exercise which you can practice with your family/friends. Personally, I found the written report the hardest because there is so much to read and such little time- make sure you really keep an eye on the time. My structure for written report - Before reading anything, I wrote the title of the report and an intro (make sure you underline this subheading). then underline the subheading of option 1- write a brief description, pro and con. then repeat this for other 2/3 options. Then do a conclusion where you state which option you think is best and why. Make sure you get a conclusion in, I’ve heard lots of people don’t get in because of that. Good luck!


Thank you so much for your help !


It was a relaxed day to be honest. Started with the numerical and logical test. i missed a good few questions on the numerical test and felt i had maybe messed up but in the end i met the benchmark. Id advise you to take a watch as time keeping is very important. Next up was the written report. structure is important (Intro>Opt1>opt2>opt3>recommendation) try use bullet points and get straight to the point. Finally we done the group task. make sure you prepare as much information as possible, i was challenged on the budget i had calculated and because i had the working to show it i was commended for this on my feedback, i also tried to lead the group by sticking to a structure and trying to draw in arguments, don’t be afraid to take the lead. Just relax and do your best!


I have just received an offer for the Undergraduate Assurance Placement in Birmingham, so I’m happy to help if anyone needs any advice on the application process :slight_smile:


hi,guys, I have just got the offer from the PwC, just feel free to ask me anything. my email address is


Thank you so much for your help , I hope you get the offer !


Is it true that the starting salary for assurance graduates is 21k at pwc outside of london? does anyone know why this is very low


Has anyone had an interview in Tax yet?


got mine in jan, what did you appyly for?


Varies per region. Reading its same as london. However, in Bristol it is £22.5k. Don’t worry that it is low, it goes up each year and ultimately it sets you up for a huge future salary


I’ve got mine in Jan too, I applied for Corporate Tax and my interview is with Corporate Consulting, you?


Corporate Consulting? Do you mean management? How is your interview with a different area? Do you mean HR transformatioN?


Corporate consulting is one of the subgroups of Corporate Tax, there aren’t many places left so I’m just interviewing with the subgroup I’ll be working in


Oh, Cool! Best of luck


How long did it take for you all to get a partner interview date. I passed my ac which was on the 7th December.


It took them 3 days to get back to me, this was at the start of last week. Interview dates were available the day after they got back to me.


what are you applying for and which office? I’m applying for assurance Summer intern at milton keynes


Passed mine about a week before you and I’m still waiting. They said 2-3 weeks, it all depends on partner availability, so location and programme specific.