PwC UK 2018 Intake


It seems like it will be so difficult to reach the video interview stage for 2019 intake :-(. I’ve just completed SJT and game-based assessment which is a new part of application process for this year and I found it so challenging, especially as it is difficult to fully concentrate and pay attention for 75 mins for game-based assessment!


Can anyone shed some light on what to expect after submitting the pre-employment screening (PES)? thx


Hey there, regarding game assessment, are all games times and are there any breaks allowed?

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There was I think 2nd game that it wasn’t timed and you can play as long as you wish, but again I think if you don’t make progress over time, it will negatively impact your final score.

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Thanks a lot I saw detailed explanations in a new topic for 2019 intake


Can someone please shed some light on the career focus day?

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I’m not sure if anyone has actually progressed that far yet and it’s new for 2019. There’s a separate 2019 thread you might find helpful to watch.


I was informed people have already been to the career focus days


They were, but for January 2019 intake.


Hi, do you know how long did you have to wait after you received a phone call that you passed all stages and that you should expect an offer soon? I’ve been waiting for the offer for a week now (jan 2019 intake).


Hi, how are you? Did you go to the assessment centre for PwC? Could you tell me the process of assessment centre, please?


Hi, do you know the process of assessment centre? Are there only written report, group discussion and psychometric test? Or plus the pertner interview?


Hi, have you attended the career focus day? How’s it?


Hey, I have been invited to the Assessment Centre too next week and I was wondering if you had a clearer idea of what they day might be like.

As far as I know, its mainly consists of case studies but I’m unsure if that includes any group work, numerical tests or interviews? Any help would be great, thanks !

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Hey, can you inbox me please.