PwC UK 2018 Intake


I think one of the emails said to just put “PwC”. That’s what I did anyway.


They don’t seem to be in the drop down menu on my screen. Very confused.


I don’t remember this section. What options can you choose from? I might remember that way.


There are options such as ‘accountancy learning ltd’ ‘anglia professional training’ ‘first intuitions leeds, first intuition Cardiff ect’ and ‘Kaplan financial limited’ along with others but no pwc.


I put Kaplan, but your office may be different. I’d check embark/your contract to find any info.


Just noticed the pre coursework booklets which link to Kaplan so going to put that for now and double check on Tuesday. Thank you for your help.


Bham. No worries.


Was sent access to joining instructions and workplace at 1am last night. Seems very simple to follow.

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Hi guys, I heard that PwC now has video interviews with some case studies. I’m planning to apply in September, do you maybe have any info about video interviews?


Hello there mate!
Which office are you joining? London or outside London?


Where do you have your induction? London Hilton Metropole or London Hilton Paddington?


Metropole, you?


I’m joining the Birmingham office too but my induction is in Manchester - are you going into Assurance?


Metropole as well. :slight_smile:


I’m Scotland. Our induction is in Edinburgh.

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Any clue what happens on the induction day?


anyone from Bristol?


It’s a general welcome day. You’ll then spend the rest of your week in your home office with general induction tasks and a day volunteering (normally).


Hi!! Have you got the video interview result? I did a long time ago but I still haven’t got the result!!


Hi what scheme did you apply for and what was the video assessment like?