PwC UK 2018 Intake


I was told this week we’d get first day instructions


whats the best way to pass the online tests

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Have you tried using online resources both free and paid? That’s what I did personally.

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Yeah i’ve been taking some tests on assessmentday but im getting around the 40-60 mark for the inductive and 60+ for the numerical. What would you say is a good score to get consistently on the practice before the real tests


Yeah that’s a pretty decent score imo


thanks :smiley:

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Hey have you had anything yet?


I received day 1 instructions 2 days ago (bham office)


2018 intake


Thanks for the reply. I am still waiting. Do they give much detail?


Details where you need to be, time you need to be there, what you need to bring and wear etc. for the first day. It also gives a rough outline of what you’ll be doing for the first week. It’s comprehensive enough that I feel I know all I need to know at this stage.


Is anybody still waiting for their joining instructions?


Yes. I emailed and was told it can only be as soon as possible.

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Hii sorry that I just logged in. I haven’t got any result either. It has been so long since I did it…So worried.


Okay thank you. Which office are you going to work at?


Glasgow. What about you?


Leeds :slight_smile:


Have you had any info about how to login to workday yet?


Nope nothing at all other than instructions will be sent as soon as possible.


For anyone having to register with ICAEW, what have you put for tutor organisation/ Employer provider. It’s a mandatory field so I can’t move on with my registration until it’s done and can’t contact anyone to ask because of it being a bank holiday.