PwC UK 2018 Intake


Still nothing sadly!


Ah frustrating! Is your start date in September? I called and was told that joining instructions are on their way and sometimes can be sent days before one is due to start


Thanks for letting me know! Yeah I start September 3rd.


Hi, Have you got the result of your video interview? I did it one week ago, and still have not got anything about the outcome…


Same, I did mine 10 days ago and still haven’t heard anything


Hi tree2018, can I ask how long did it take for you to hear back from your final interview at the London More office? I did mine there as well but haven’t got any reply yet. Thank you.


To those also joining in September, has anyone else received an email about logging into workday? I have no clue what login details I’m supposed to be using. Any help would be appreciated.


Same thing happened with me. Have no clue how to log onto Workday. I’ve asked for my log in details so hopefully get a response soon


Hi ShenKing, can I ask how many days you had waited to hear back for your final round ? Many thanks.


I spoke to the PWC helpline and they said that we won’t be able to log on to the workday site up until 3-4 days before our start date in September. If anyone has any different news let me know.


Hi, have you got any feedback about video interview? I did it 2th Aug but got no msg at all.


Hi, have you got any msg from PwC about the video interview? I’m so worried as it’s been more than 10 working days.


Hi, i still have not got anything back about the video interview, i did on 2nd Aug too. How about you? have you heard back anything?


Me, too. I did it on 2nd Aug and still nothing. Btw, have you logged on the PwC website recently? I just found that my application status has turned to withdrawn on 18th Aug. Is yours the same?


Are you applying for 2018 intake or 2019 intake ? It took me 14 days to hear back from pwc after I submitted my video interview.


nothing yet


2019 spring intake, wbu?


Has anyone had their joining instructions yet? I know we start the 3rd September but that’s about it. Also same problem with Workday - haven’t got my log in details and HC Direct said try 2-3 days before


2019 spring intake. What about you?


I got an email last week apologising for the instructions not being available and that they would follow the email “shortly” but still have heard nothing back.