PwC UK 2018 Intake


Anyone applying for or received an offer from a London/SE England Office?


Hey Guys, I have a partner interview coming up for the management consulting. Can anyone describe their experience? Any help would be appreciated.


Hey there, hope you’re excited for your Partner Interview! Have you had this yet? I have a partner interview upcoming too for management consultancy!


I recently had one for Deals/Assurance in Manchester if that is of any help?


Hey! have you heard back yet?


Anyone heard back from management consultant partner interview yet?


Have you done the 60 min online interview yet? Just wondering whether it actually takes 60 mins or just a rough estimate and it is really 30-40mins


Just did the partner interview for Birmingham office… anyone whom wants to know about the PI Dm for more info, willing to help


Hey have you heard back yet? Still waiting to hear


Hello, I’ve been invited to do a video interview for a role in the Birmingham office. Did you have to do this, and if so any tips would be greatly appreciated! I’m guessing the first questions will be why PwC and this service line?


Hi going for PwC Assurance, have to do Assesment Center, for Psychometric tests which ones do I need to learn for Assurance? Is it just Numerical & Inductive (Shapes) same as online tests (excl. Work-style test) and if so how many questions for each test and time limit for each paper. I heard that these will be paper based. Are these in person tests harder or easier than the Online ones?


Anyone starting in Glasgow on 3rd September?


Hi, which position did apply?


Anyone starting in Birmingham 2018? I need to find some roommates!


Is anyone starting in London? I’m looking for some housemates!


Hey! Did you have to do the video interview during the process? And which role did you apply for?


Any luck with this? Which questions were asked?


Could anyone provide some resources for online test please?


Hi, I’m Olivia. I saw that you asked a question about the PwC video interview. I’m now just applying the PwC 2019 spring assurance graduate program and get the invitation to have a video interview. Did you get through the video interview? Could you tell me what are the interview questions like And how many questions might be asked? thanks very much.

PWC Graduate Programme 2018

Hi, i am also applying the spring intake, but have not got the invitation for video interview, when is your interview day?