PwC UK 2018 Intake


Hi there! Would it be possible for you to tell me about what questions were you asked in the interview, what kind of group exercise did you have, and what was the format/topic for the report section? Anything to be wary of? Thanks a lot!


Hi there! Do you guys know if there’s any groups online (eg. facebook) for 2018 offer holders? Thanks!


Not sure if anyone has seen but the list of start dates are now on the embark website


Does anyone know how long the pre employment checks take?


thanks for the heads up


Hi guys, I’m an incoming Audit Graduate in Southampton. Does anyone know when the visa application for international students start? Thanks.


Waiting to hear back from the Partner Interview, did you guys receive the news via phone or email?


Hi, for those that applied for nation-wide roles like management consulting, how long did it take for you to hear your assessment centre outcome?


anyone given the video interview in 2018??? They have changed the process!!


anyone starting in Milton Keynes office this summer?


Hi, what programme did you apply for?


Exactly! why is it 60 mins long?


Has anyone heard back from their Assessment Centre for the spring 2019 management consulting intake?


how do you know it is 60 mins long?? please let me know if you have given it!!


anyone else knows about the video interview please??


Hi there, does the spring intake start? I didnt see it on the website!


Hey yeah! The spring intake was open for management consulting a few months back. The start for this intake is April I believe.


Cool, thanks! hows your application going?


Just found out I passed the Assessment Centre!


I would like to find out as well…does anyone have any info? :frowning: