PwC UK 2018 Intake


Hi guys,
I am waiting for the opening of graduate scheme spring intake 2018, so I am just opening a new forum for all people who want to apply for either autumn or spring position.

I guess autumn position would be opened in August, anyone knows when the spring would be opened?

This forum is the best place for helping each other to get through the process, so just ask anything you want to ask.


Hello, yesterday I got the offer. If you need any help send me a message, and I’ll be willing to help. I didn’t have the phone interview at all.
I would suggest you to start preparing commercial awareness asap, as without that part I don’t think it is possible to pass the final interview. The partner who interviewed me had so many questions.



Congrats! Help on online tests?


Hi! can you give some advice on the assessment centre please, especially the group discussion and the writen report. many thanks.


Hello guys,

Does anyone have any shl type verbal questions to practice? I am applying for Data and Analytics role. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks.



Hey has any international applicant got an interview?


Hi there. Could you please guide on how to prepare for the commercial awareness part?


Has there ever been an instance where an applicant has been taken straight to PI? Like in special circumstances?


Congrats on the offer!! I wonder if the partner interview is on the same day of AC? And how do you prepare for commercial awareness part, by reading news, magazines or any other methods?


Hello! Congrats! Would you mind sharing the topics for the group exercise and written exercise? Thx!


Guys, I need help. I have just got the invitation for the test. Can anyone give me any tips, please?


Hoping for a miracle?


Hi, what role did you apply for?


Anyone who would go to Birmingham to attend the AC on 26th October 9:00am?


Just got the phone call for PwC. I didn’t make it.

So each stage is marked out of 5 or 6 and you need a 3 to pass it.

Written exercise - 5/6
Numerical - 5/5
Logical - 4/5
Group - 2
-apparently, I didn’t make certain points they were expecting.

  • certain points I made were not driving the group forward.


Is this for Spring intake?


I’ve got a final interview for Edinburgh on Thursday, what do you mean by commercial awareness? Have you got any examples?


Like Sophie I’ve received an offer also, completely agree that commercial awareness is imperative for the partner interview. I had questions around Brexit, accounting standards, audit rotation, bank profits, retail issues, political instability so you need to be reasonably clued up on the news.


Had an AC at PwC yesterday. It was in a different office to the one i have applied for. I have not heard today, should I presume its a rejection? Or is there any scope that they could take 2 working days to reply? My understanding is that the “5 work days” policy is merely relevant to those getting rejected and those who get the job know the next day 99.9% of the time. Is this true?


Took 5 working days to get my result, they’re just quite slow don’t lose sleep over it