PwC UK 2017 Intake


Yeah this happened to me as well. What location preferences did you have as 1, 2, 3? I originally had London as 1st which didn’t help as it is most competitive


I received an email saying that I passed the Assessment Centre but still no partner interview arranged yet


Maybe if you weren’t the guy whose actually running a useless website I would. Waste of money. You can literally find everything you provide either on forums on wikikjob, student room or even just by a simple google search.


I chose Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, what about you?


I put Leeds, Edinburgh, Manc. Fingers crossed


please can i get a useful tip on how to pass pwc nigeria occupational personality questionnaire opq. my mail is


Don’t waste your money on this website. Worthless information that you can get for free. Buy yourself a McDonalds, that’s much better than this crap.


How long did it take to receive your results of PI and how did you get informed? Email or phone or both?


Anyone joining the Reading office this September? Do we have like a FB page or Whatsapp group?


Hi is anybody starting in London this September? Be good to get to know some people before moving down!


anyone starting in Milton Keynes office this summer?


Hey guys! I know this has already been asked, but is there anyone starting in the London office in September? If so, feel free to message me. Or does anyone know if there is a group on Facebook :slight_smile:


Has anyone heard back from their Assessment Centre for the spring 2019 management consulting intake?


how long does it take to hear back after AC? have people who attended AC in Belfast heard back yet?


Hi, could anyone give me some tips regarding the plc tests. There are some questions which I’m finding quite difficulty.


It took about 12 days before they sent me an email