PwC UK 2017 Intake


it literally took 6 weeks for them to give me a date


I’ve passed the AC but waiting a transfer now only then will I be able to go on and get PI dates. I am worried they’re going to run out of positions and dates :frowning: they’ve taken 3 weeks to get back to me about the AC result.

  • Tests- Practice as much as you can, they are very time pressured and do not guess.
    -Report writing- Bullet points and paragraph structure, also put some numbers in the recommendation. write fast but as neatly as you can.
    Group exercise- the standard, make eye contact nod, you will have to do some basic simple calculation of profit= revenue -expense, maybe percentages. Just be approachable and not too dominating in steering the group towards your options.
    Each task is marked out of 6, 3 is the pass.


Does anyone how the AC tests are marked? From what I have heard they look for accuracy and number of questions correctly answered from the total attempted.


I have my partner interview for grad technology data analytics in London coming up. If anyone could send me any tips/questions I would be forever grateful!


Hi James, I’ve got a final round interview for management consulting summer internship, just wondering what kind of questions they ask you at the interview?


For those that passed the AC. What were your results in the numerical and inductive tests? I had my AC the other day and I feel like I did not do very well in the numerical test but did enough to pass the other activities.


I think they look for around 60% correct answers, not sure about that though.


I passed my PI for management consulting graduate scheme, but they said that they didnt have a role to offer me for an autumn 2018 start date as there were stronger candidates than me. I was sent an email saying that I will be considered for a Spring 2019 start date once all the other candidates had been interviewed in June, I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else?


How did AC go for you? did you get to PI stage?


Hello! I was just wondering if anyone knew the starting salary for the 2018 intake for roles based in London? Would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


probably 27-32k depending on role


The role is in technology, sorry I should have specified. But thank you very much!


yes, I received the same email.


has anyone had a PI for indirect tax grad scheme?


Yes I had one for the role in Scotland.


when did you have it and how long did it take for them to get back to you with the result?


I had it in January and they got back to me within less than 24 hours.


I had mine on the 23rd of March but have not heard back yet, the partner told me I should hear back in a weeks time as they have a few more candidates to interview. Haven’t heard back as of now, not sure if this means I did not score high enough and they haven’t made a decision yet.


Also what did your Partner ask you? mine was purely based on commercial awareness