PwC UK 2017 Intake


Did anyone have an AC in Birmingham on Wednesday?


Management consulting, has your PI been booked yet?


Hey, firstly congratulations for passing the AC! I have an upcoming AC for a summer internship in Management Consulting. Since you have completed an AC, I had a few questions. What were the written exercises and group exercises like and how to best prepare for them? Also, were the numeracy and diagrammatic tests like the ones we did online? Any further tips would be extremely helpful!


I have an AC next month with PWC for Cybersecurity graduate scheme. I am struggling with the written exercise. Can you tell me a generic structure I can follow when writing the written exercise?

Also, I read that, you’ll be given 9 pages report and you have to read and write both within 30 minutes. Whats the best way you could approach that?

And for the group exercise, can you also tell me the generic structure when explaining your proposal to your group?

One more confusion I want to clarify. It says on the website, that you’ll have three tasks:

  1. Psychometric tests
    2)Group exercise or individual
  2. Written exercise

But when I google and read people experiences, most of them are saying that they also have an interview in the end.
Could you clarify me on that as well?

Looking forward to your reply.


I’m attending the S&CC assessment centre on Monday!


Omg me too!! What’s your timeslot?




Same :)) See you!!


Hi Shenking,

Well done! I have a PI for Assurance coming up. A few tips would be helpful if possible.



I have been made an offer for assurance in the Midlands office… my best advice is the scroll back all the way down and write down all the questions posted previously as they were exactly the ones I was asked… Also the commercial awareness question regarding PWC matters is I think the most important as I have been told that it saved me from failing ( I did not have an example for one of the questions ) thank you everyone from this community and good luck - feel free to ask me any questions via private message


Hi, I have not heard back from local recruiter about my AC results for almost one month, does anyone has the same experience with me?


Yea it was booked for 23rd Feb. Got my offer for the London office today :slight_smile: Anybody else starting in London in Oct?


I had my AC in manchester on the 12th of Feb and I haven’t heard back yet as well. Do they still call back even if you aren’t successful?


I have emailed them and they said we could get AC results even if we were not successful. I had my AC a week early than you and still waiting for the call back.


When I rang them they said we should get the results within 10 working days but it has obviously been longer than that. i have no idea why its taking them this long considering its just the AC stage and not the PI stage, been super anxious about it. Good luck hope you hear back soon


is anyone else still waiting for a reply from PwC management consulting graduate scheme? was supposed to receive it on 1st of march. has anyone heard back - been accepted/ rejected?


I have an AC in Birmingham on Wednesday for the Graduate IT Placement. Does anyone know if there is a chance I will have an interview on the day?


I highly doubt it


Anyone applying for a Marketing Placement?


Any top tips for the AC?