PwC UK 2017 Intake


Had my PI last wednesday, anyone know how long they take to get back to you?


what role / intake was this ?


Assurance grad/spring 2018


Thanks. Do they have a spring intake for all streams?


I had the AC on a Monday and I got the call back on a Friday afternoon the same week!


Mainly Tax and Assurance. They also sometimes have a Jan/Feb intake for consulting.


Thank you! i got the call yesterday, and passed the AC. But the position i applied is filled and need to transfer to the management consulting, what service line are you applying…


I got a call last Friday saying that I had passed the AC for graduate management consulting. The lady on the phone said that the interview dates would be between 12th-23rd of Feb and they would be in touch shortly regarding the dates but I still havent heard anything back from them yet. I’m concerned as the dates are getting closer. Has anyone had an email yet or is it just me?


I’ve got mine booked in, maybe give them a call?


Which office?


Hi, well done on getting your offer! I’ve got my partner interview coming up next week and would really appreciate hearing any tips you have?


I had Manchester as my first choice but from what I understand this year you can have your final interview at any office


Oh really! I have been waiting for almost a month now, and also waited 2 months for my AC. I guess because I have applied for January intake they’re taking it slow.


Oh wow that’s quite a while, I’ve applied for Septembers intake so I hope i don’t have to wait that long! Which scheme have you applied for?


I havent either!


Technology consulting


Hi, I have an assessment centre for tech consulting next week and would love if you could give me some tips? I know what to expect, but would love some guidance on the written exercise and group exercise?


Hi all,

I am attending an assessment centre for tech consulting in Belfast next week. I received an email a few minutes after i submitted my application inviting me to the ac. I didn’t even complete the online tests? Did any one else not have to do these? I was wondering if anyone had any tips on the assessment centre that have attended in 2018?


Has anyone heard back from Bham AC?


Did you have your AC today?