PwC UK 2017 Intake


Probably not, just wait to hear what they say. What stage are you at?


post-AC, waiting for result


Received an offer for assurance - I’ve got a lot of help from here, so if anyone needs any tips, send me a PM.


Congrats!! Did you get your offer today?


Hi, has anyone heard back for S&CC?


Don’t worry, the same thing happened to me. It still says it for me even though I have an offer.


Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of a February intake class before? I am starting at PwC in Belfast in a couple weeks, and was wondering if I would be joining with a big group of individuals or just myself. My HR person didn’t really make it clear. I am an experienced hire if that helps


Hi, anyone heard back from 25th January AC in leeds? It is more than a week, but still no outcome yet, fingers crossed…


Hi, I had my AC in Leeds on the 25th January as well, what time was your AC? Still haven’t heard back yet


Mine was in the morning, today is Friday, i think we may get the results next week…good luck!


Hi congratulations on getting an offer, I too have an interview and was wondering if you could give me some pointers?


Hi James, well done on the offer, I’ve pm’d you as I have a final interview coming up.


How long did you have to wait after your interview for your offer?


About a week


Hi! I was wondering if by any chance you don’t mind giving out some pointers as to what it was that made it unexpected? I am trying to prepare competency questions but I have no idea what else to focus on!


I had my AC on the 8th of Jan, it was really so much more chilled than expected, we didn’t have to do a presentation but just to talk in our group! It was like the assessors weren’t in the room :slight_smile: I actually got my calculation wrong and I asked the other members of the team to help, which was fine, I did not get any observation on that in my feedback call! the task is not too difficult, just make sure you are on the same track with everyone by asking one or 2 questions such as " so we all agree that…" etc. everyone in my group was really nice which definitely helped, I addressed people by their names… In my case we got time to read through the material we were provided with so you won’t be just thrown into the deep end! it is actually one of the best that I have experienced so far!


Hi, do you mind tell how long did you wait for getting back the AC result?


Those who have had final interviews, how long does it take from the initial email telling you you’re through to that stage to actually booking the interview?


took mine about a month


Had my final interview in October and passed.
Asked me to introduce myself?
Why PwC?
Why do u want to study the ACA?
What will i be doing in assurance?
When have u sought feedback?
when have u worked in a team?
when have u adapted yourself in a team or at work?
Do u think being respected or being liked by your colleagues is more important?
when have u implemented something at work?
How would you maintain relationship with some1?
A piece of work/coursework that u are proud of?
recent news story? (this question was phrased differently though, i talked about brexit)
How will brexit affect PwC positively and negatively?
What attributes can u bring to PwC?
Sum up why you are the right candidate for PwC?
Thats pretty much all i remember.