PwC UK 2017 Intake


Has anybody had a PI for tax yet?


Has anyone from the Birmingham AC on 16th Jan heard back yet?


My Birmingham AC got back to me on the 7th day after the AC back in December. You should hear very soon.


I also got told this lol but it was fine cos the interviewer was chill but to the point


Hey, was just wondering if you had any tips from your interview? Was it mostly competency based/commercial awareness? Thanks


anyone starting in the Milton Keynes office in 2018? grad or internship?


have messaged you


Anyone know when a spring start actually is? Has anyone been told? Especially if it’s Birmingham?


Hey congrats on the job offer! I have a PI next week, would you mind sharing your experience of your PI? thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Definitely April and from what I can see on the Embark website, 9th April. I think you get more in depth joining instructions closer to the time though. Are you doing the assurance hub programme in Birmingham by any chance? I’ve just got my offer a couple of days ago for it.


For those who applied and got offer for Assurance, is it mainly external audit that will be part of the job or are there any other areas you will have a chance to specialise in?


Just Got my offer for management consultancy in london first time round. Hit me up if u want advice.


Well done mate!! The London office must be difficult to get into. Do you have any tips for the PI? Got one coming up soon.


Any idea how long can it take to hear back after the partner interview. I had mine on Monday at Gatwick office for assurance and have not heard anything till now. Partner said at the end of the interview that i should hear from HR that same day or next.


Really depends on whether the partner is busy/has made a decision. I got mine the next day but some of my friends have waited for a week or two.


Thats true but only getting worried because partner himself said that I should hear back on that same day or next day. Thank you anyways.


I had my interview at Gatwick for Assurance as well, mine was on Wednesday. He said I should hear back by the end of the week, but as I hadn’t heard back by Friday I guess it’ll be early next week.


Relax as you have a good chance now you’re in the final round. Make sure you have all the competency questions nailed and check out every forum/ website which gives past questions and put them all on a document. Work through the tricky ones making sure you can nail it without looking too rehearsed.


Has anyone heard anything regarding their Management Consultancy assessment centre yet?


I have just emailed them to change my vacancy as my previous vacancy has been filled, but the status under HR has changed to “no longer under consideration” after they replied my email. Should I be worried? Was anyone in the same situation?