PwC UK 2017 Intake


How far through the process were you?


Had my PI today. Was with two people not one! A partner and a senior associate. And had 3 competency q’s And it lasted a mere 30 minutes with 30 mins of questions. 95 percent of my preparation wasn’t relevant. The purpose of this message is so that everyone knows: expect the unexpected !!


What kind of prep do you do more?


I missed their call earlier today regarding my AC outcome. The voicemail said I should call that same number back. Have rung them 5 times since, no answer. Now I’m dying to know if I passed!


This is straight from pwc website… which office ? which role?
-----------------“Final interview
This is a one-to-one interview with a senior member of the business area you want to join. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm for our business and your understanding of the importance of client service.
Click here to view our Interview Elearn”


i have a PI coming up and would really appreciate any insight? I was wondering whether you could also comment on what scheme this was for?


Unfortunately so :frowning:


Yeah sure, as you asked so nicely


For the group exercise, be clear and concise when explaining your proposal dont talk for too long. Ask questions that help the group narrow down the proposals which shows youre trying to lead your group to come to a conclusion e.g. Do we think profit is more important or maintaining our relationships with current clients?
Volunteer to explain your proposal first, use names, dont talk over people.
Be confident.
I made a calculation error in the group ex but still passed.


Thank you so so much! I really do appreciate it!
Is there an email address I can contact you on, or private message? My PI is tomorrow so would really appreciate this.


Hello guys. Was just wondering if there’s anyone in this forum that attended the Birmingham Office Assessment Centre on Tuesday 16th Jan?


did you attend? if so, how was it? I have mine next week.


what role did you apply for?


Yes I did! It was alright thanks. Would recommend reading through this forum for tips as all of the info here was very helpful. Everyone was super friendly too which is nice! Good luck to you :slight_smile:


Hi~~I’m applying from management consulting as well, but I still have my AC on 25th Jan, could you please share your experience? I have not met anyone in the same programme yet


Hey, can anyone confirm if the assessment centre tests are the same provider/format as the online ones? Also if anyone is also doing the assessment centre on the 24th in London, let me know!


Have a PI at the end of next week and I haven’t been told who my interviewer is. Is this normal or should I call them tomorrow?


I asked and got told its not part of PWC’s policy to disclose the interviewers name, and i should focus on interview rather than interviewer lol. That was HR. Let me know what they say to you though


Haha wow that is weird.


If you need any help regarding your application process, you can find all materials at graduatejobguide co uk. I would highly recommend you AC and PI guides + commercial awareness guide.