PwC UK 2017 Intake


Hi guys, for people with an offer? Can the offer be withdrawn due the pre employment screening? In particular the health questionnaire and mental health history.


It can be withdrawn for sure. But that will likely be if you told a lie e.g. grades / work experiences that don’t exist. I know this as I did an internship at pwc in 2016 and they are ridiculously thorough. However, with respect to what you have mentioned, they may flag it yes, but I am 99.9% sure you would not in any circumstance have your offer rescinded for that.


What do they check? Just your employment history on the app form? or do they check stuff you say in the interview? Do they ask for a full reference or just to check you worked there?


No not what you say in interview. They check everything for last 5 years, so both on and off the app. They make sure there is no gaps bar education, and if there are gaps they ask why. Its supremely thorough, and they find out your roles from HMRC, and ask each and every employer for some kind of verification. They have a whole team in Ireland called “Pre-Employment Screening” who are hired to ,make sure you haven’t lied. Dw, I had accidentally mis-stated my time spend working at certain places and they just called me up and reconfirmed. I finished my internship and still hadn’t passed screening but I was at the final stage when I left.


So worried that they will just say the February start positions are closed after taking so long to organise interviews


how technical is PI regarding your role? I know what my role does, and the general process as well as about what a first year does. However, if the partner probes, I will be exposed. My role isn’t like law or audit where there is bags of info online


Yes Rocky Rocky Rocky, what are you doing to prepare, as I understand it we’re both going for HRT. What day is your interview?


Ahh stress, next friday, you?


as for preparation, inbox me.


Oh yeah, I’d like to see responses to this. I’m still at AC stage, but am worried that PI may be very technical, which would be a stumbling block.


Does anyone have a commercial awareness guide they would be willing to share? Have my interview this week and am worried I will fall down on this section. Thanks


whats HRT


Human Resource Transformation :slight_smile:


Hey guys.

I’ve just found out I am through to the final interview.

Can anyone help me with commercial awareness and a few tips for what to expect at the final interview?


Has anyone had a management consulting PI??? WOULD appreciate any help :(((


Have you already had your AC?


got an offer over the phone for an internship, how long till something in paper/email comes through?


Can anyone share their recent experience of group exercises?


Is anyone joining the birmingham office for audit?


has anyone’s application been withdrawn because the position you applied for is filled? and when you asked to move to another office, the local recruiter decided to not accept your transfer? :((