PwC UK 2017 Intake


I’ve got my accessment centre at the end of January, but just thought it would be useful to know what is required for the PI, it is for consulting and it’s a graduate role, how about you?


Have you already had your acessement centre?


Could you please send to me if you get :slight_smile: thank you!


Of course it’s better to be prepared! I have my PI coming up but for a school leaver role. I’m not sure if the questions differ compared to graduate role PI


Cheers Rocky, management consulting


How was your assessment centre? I reckon the questions at the PI will be based on the core competencies


To those who have messaged me and asked questions with regards to the process, please email me on as I don’t use this site as often anymore. Best of luck!


Has anyone else had/ got to do an unprepared presentation as part of their Partner Interview ?


What role have you applied for?


Has anyone had any January interviews yet because they seem to be taking ages to find slots


Ive got one this week, got told last week. I just kept chasing up regularly I guess…


I got a call last week and mines booked for next week


When did you have your AC? I’ve applied for Management Consulting too but only have my AC in 2 weeks


back in December mines for a february start


So is mine they emailed me in November but only got back to me on the 15th of December- how was your assessment centre?


Hey everyone,
I have an assessment centre in a few weeks and I’m interested in buying a guide for it. Can anyone help me out by recommending one? I know there’s a few out there but it’s quite hard to determine which is the best.
Many thanks.


the guides are in my opinion largely a waste of money. Just do your research. Look on this website to find the layout, buy a subscription for online tests on and then practice. Do not buy a guide. However, this is just an opinion


yeah was pretty good for my first AC, everything is just really time pressured. Apart from that which is the hardest thing you should be ok


yeah waste of time. you can find everything you need on these forums. numerical logical, individual report and group exercise. cant prepare apart from practising tests


if you are in uni, go ask the career team. they usually have access to certain websites, mine had assementday. they gave me access to most of the stuff case study, numerical logic etc. Don’t really need a guide for AC, for my PI I did purchase a commercial awareness guide, not really 100% worth but the money, but it did give me some reassurance and it came with some possible interview questions however if you want to save some money you can pretty much find most of the stuff on the web