PwC UK 2017 Intake


Does anyone know how long it takes to hear back after an AC? Had mine more than 2 weeks ago (before Christmas) and still haven’t heard anything. At what point would it be appropriate to contact them?


should be within 5 working days, obviously its been stretched out due to xmas, but yes, definitely call them.


Hi, can i ask what area you are going for? Also are you saying they rang you up for the partner interview and gave one day notice


Thank you so much for the feedback- Just wanted to ask in regards to them asking about the other service lines (assuming its the 4- assurance, deals consulting and tax)- how much in depth knowledge is required about the others than what you are applying for? I.e I am applying for Consulting


There seems to be confusion. There were two separate calls I received: an interview invitation call and a Q&A call. I received my interview invitation one day before the actual interview. The interview invitation at 1pm, then the lady told me I would be contacted again later that day for a Q&A call. That Q&A call is basically for us - the applicant, to ask for info about the interview, she basically started the call with “So what do you want to ask?”. I don’t know the exact timing for this Q&A for people who are able to book the interview long before, but for me it was 5pm the day before my interview. I applied for Assurance.


I did not talk too much about the other service lines since I did not really anticipate that this question would come up. I only acknowledged that there are other service lines. He did ask a follow-up question about how all of the service lines integrated with one another and how they together added value to PwC and their clients.


Hi - I would really appreciate it if someone shares the commercial awareness guide with me - got a PI coming up xx


Thank you very much for your help with the interview. Was this a graduate or school leaver role you applied for?


Do you have a date for your PI for consulting? Is it a grad role you’re applying for


It was a Graduate role :slight_smile:


When talking about the graduate role in consulting how should one go about finding out all about what the role entails and what we would do within the first year because the pwc website is pretty vague? Cheer


I asked to be transferred to a different office because the one I originally applied to was full, they asked me to answer a few questions as to why that office and position. Shortly after I submitted my answers, the position was removed from their job advertisement page. Does this mean my application got transferred there, or did someone else take it? :frowning:


which office was full?


London, and I asked to be moved to Uxbridge instead.


Are you able to tell me what questions you were asked please? Would really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Which discipline??




Thanks. I wonder why they refer to it as diagrammatic at the AC, yet inductive at online stage…


Which type of consulting ? I can guide when I know


Thank you, useful to know!