PwC UK 2017 Intake


How would things like technology impact PwC? Would you mean to say things like automation and cyber security?
I’m not really sure where to start


Ultimately though I think I’ll just go with what I can talk about. I considered technology but I’m just not the type in that I know nothing about it. And yeah they are all bad, no doubt it will be very tough but all the best


Yeah that ! You only need to mention it if they ask specifically what is affecting pwc atm but if they say a commercial story question you can talk about anything else


OH okay thank you!!! And just anything in The news regarding businesses right now in general for commercial story ?


What kind of stuff are they expecting you to say when they say “tell me about yourself” in the interview?


is it true that in the Assessment centres there are only 4 activities - group project, individual report, numerical test and diagrammatic reasoning (instead of the inductive reasoning as during the application)?


Anyone in the progress of filling out their Pre Employment Check form? I was on the board of a small Student Society at my University. The form specifically asks for the company name and line manager so I don’t think it applies to Student Society. However, I contacted PwC and the lady told me I should include anything that can be verified. The problem is I am not sure if I was registered with the Student Union. Yet it is the holiday period now so my university is closed. I just received an email from PwC reminding me to submit the form. I don’t know should I wait to check with my university again or just leave that experience out and submit it? Any advice?


Yes, it is true. The diagrammatic reasoning is the same as the inductive reasoning you did online.


Hi guys. Any idea what the starting salary for London Audit grad scheme is?


Leave it out. I did an assurance internship at pwc back in 2016 summer, my pre employment screening process literally took months and finished towards end of my internship. It is very thorough, so if you think its going to cause an issue, leave it out. End of the day it was a student society which isn’t a job


But if I leave it out then it would be different from my CV and application form. I reckon I would just wait for my university to confirm it for me. Thanks anyway.


Been waiting for over 3 weeks for an interview date…should I be worried that its filled up or are PWC always this slow


always this slow I think. Particularly this time of year.


Just anything. Also, whilst people say “don’t mention brexit, everyone does”. That is a fair point. BUT, ultimately talk about something you can be questioned on. If you know a fair bit about brexit but merely the surface about US tax, then talk about Brexit. You will get grilled with difficult follow up questions, and you will get exposed if you chose a niche topic you know little about.


I reckon that many of you are either waiting for the AC or the Interview. Given that information regarding the AC is everywhere on here now, I will just provide the information for the Interview.//

I received the outcome of my AC back around 15/11 and did not manage to book any interview. I called them twice to check and suddenly at 1pm on 11/12 PwC called me to ask if I want to come to the interview on at 1pm on 12/12 lol. So if any of you really want to get an early interview then try contacting them to ask. //

After I accepted the interview, they immediately send me email containing information about the interview. Later, they will call you to ask if you have any questions. You should ask for your interviewer name to do a bit research on him (LinkedIn and the likes). To prepare for the interview, I strongly recommend understanding the 5 core attributes and try to find at least 2 examples for each attribute. Make sure you watch the e-learn videos on their website even if you know how to do interview. When you don’t know the answer yet, just take time to think. //

My interviewer was a Senior Manager. We casually chatted for like 5 mins on just random weather thing. He then clearly explained to me that he would need to ask questions from the sheet he had and all of the questions were related to the 5 attributes. I could see that each attribute had a list of questions and my interviewer picked 2 for each contribute. He also explained that the interview was time-limited so he might stop me when I need to move on. 2 questions for each attribute gives 10 questions in 30~35 minutes. You need 3/6 in each attribute to pass. Make sure you know what you are talking about since he might ask follow up questions. For example, he asked why PwC and what do I know about the other service lines, these questions were on the sheet. Then suddenly he asked how did I do my research to get those info. And many other instances where he picked up on a small piece of information in my answer and asked me to elaborate. He took notes quite vigorously and checked the clock now and then. Some other questions that I remember: a piece of work that I am proud of, a time when I improved a process, a time when I had to work with people outside my network, how I resolve conflicts, a time when I quickly built relationships… I got no current issues questions so cannot comment on that. //

I was then given the opportunity to ask questions. He advised that I would receive the outcome by the end of the week. However, after he reviewed the notes he had to pass it to the HR who dealt with the application. Thus, it might take a while for the outcome to reach you. I received mine after 8 days. The HR called and provided very detailed feedback which I really appreciate. Sorry for the wall of text, cannot edit it. Hope everyone finds this helpful tho.


This is really helpful, thank you so much! I received a call today inviting me to an interview in a couple of weeks, do you think they’ll call again before that to ask if I have any questions and I can ask the name of the interviewer? I haven’t even received a confirmation email yet but I’m sure I’ll receive that soon. Can I ask if you used the same example more than once on the competency questions, or did you always use a different example?


I believe the Q&A call is mandatory so you should receive it before your interview. My Q&A call was around 5pm the day before the interview. I’m not sure the timing for the email tho since I received it straight away but it might be due to the fact that I only have 1 day notice lolol. Yes, all in all I only used 3 examples (of course with different situations) to answer all 8 questions (minus the 2 questions about PwC).


Apologies if this has been asked before, but just a point of clarification for the AC, is the diagrammatic reasoning different to the inductive reasoning test you complete online? If so, how?


same thing


The same test but 40 questions in 20 mins on paper.