PwC UK 2017 Intake


Hi Ajem! The partner was really friendly. He asked questions going over the competencies from the website so I would use those to prepare.

The response was super fast; I received my offer 3 hours after :slight_smile: Good luck!


Hi Nina, please see my earlier post:

“Hi, There’s definitely been some very stressful times. It all depends on which engagements they assign you to. One week you could be working on a quiet time of year for one client where you can procrastinate for half the day and leave by 5, and the next you could be booked onto a year end and work late into the evenings. Either way you’ll definitely do overtime fairly often to some extent just like with any big firm. Overall it’s been enjoyable so far. There’s great benefits to working for the top firm. Tons of socials, international travel, a very generous employment package, and I work in London so the grad intakes here are absolutely huge which gives it more of a uni feel.”

I chose PwC over the other big 4 at the time because they are the leaders in assurance. Yes it was the right choice as they have the most high profile clients, and the tools we have are far more advanced than the other big 4 firms.


yes, I have an AC in Jan.


COULD you pm me your feedback? To help me


Hi guys! I’ve just been invited to an assessment centre in feb, the email says it’s 4 hours long - is this true, or is it actually shorter than that? Thank you!!


Mine lasted roughly 3 hours


Ah okay, tysm!


Can anyone say how they speak about Brexit in an interview? I know you probably need to talk about how it may affect PwC and the economy as a whole, but is there anything I should make sure I mention?


Yes I know people that have failed. Many applicants in fact


Hi would you mind sharing the topics you spoke about? Thank you


Perhaps I am being OTT, its natural that people will not want to write online if they fail an AC so you only see those who have passed, so perhaps I am wrong


The autumn budget and selected specific aspects within that.


Yeh I think so, its the same reason why people reading these posts may think getting through the process is easy. You only ever hear from those who were successful.


I was just thinking about this same question- have you heard anything back from anyone?


No I haven’t yet, but I’ve heard everyone talks about Brexit so I’m going to try and be a bit different and speak about the autumn budget and technology


what have you applied for?


London Corporate Tax, you?




Good lad, I am gonna go FS regulation e.g. Basel III directive, Brexit Impact on banking and maybe US tax


Sounds good, it will hopefully be refreshing for them to hear about something other than Brexit, but I’ll still be prepared for it in case they ask! I’m definitely going for UK/US tax reform, bitcoins/blockchain and autumn budget. The competency questions are the worst to prepare for