PwC UK 2017 Intake


Hello all,
PwC graduate positions for 2017 have been opened since August and I am sure many of you have applied or are considering applying. I have created a different forum for this year as I think it may possibly be a slightly different process I just applied today and will be using this forum to share any update/ progress I make. Many of you should do the same so that we can help each other get through the process.


I plan on applying for the London office, but I can’t see that up yet. I really want to know how long the process is going to take, so keep us updated with when you hear back! I have a family holiday in October but I’m scared I’d have an interview then and they wouldn’t like me rearranging it?
Good luck!


Yes the London office hasn’t open places as yet. They’ll give you multiple slots and you’ll be able to schedule from those. Should be fine.


I’ve applied to the Uxbridge office, completed the online tests last week and received an email straightaway stating that I’d passed. Now just waiting to book an interview, does anyone know how long this usually takes?


Were you sent the tests right away as was the scenario last year or did they review your application before? Also, if you’ve applied in the past what’s the difficulty level like as compared to before?


I got sent the tests straightaway. The application form was very simple, it didn’t ask for any motivational questions etc. The tests are the same level of difficulty as previous ones! I only got average for both numerical and induction tests but strong behavioural preferences for each competency in the work style questionnaire!


It took about 12 days before they sent me an email to schedule my interview, however in my case the date of the interview was 3 days from the day I received the email so I suggest you prepare beforehand. They told me I cleared the interview just the next day. Hope it goes well for you!


Could you please go over what you were asked?


I was asked the following questions, you preferably should give different examples for each following using the STAR technique, more or less the other people are asked questions about and around the same lines. I hope this helps.

Whole leadership:
A time when you actively sought feedback?
A time when you raised a concern with a colleague?

Business Acumen:
How you keep track of business issues? What can you learn from this?
A time when you use your analytical skills to solve a complex problem?

Technical Qualities
A time when you have to complete different projects to meet a deadline?
What do you know about your job?

Global Mindset
A time when you actively sought different perspectives?
A time when you had to work with little guidance from your supervisor?

A time when you maintain useful contact outside of your university or work?


Just to confirm that London office audit 2017 September intake hasn’t opened yet right? I have been waiting for this for months. Got a bit suspicious now. Anybody who is the same as me?


I’ve applied for assurance april intake London, the application form is slightly different now, it’s asking for motivational questions eg. why pwc.


Nope I thought its far simpler


hey I applied from Turkey for the Graduate Scheme 2017 Spring Newcastle and cleared the initial assessment of math and logical reasoning. I got an email saying I had met the criteria and I would be contacted within the coming days. I checked today my online status and it said HR was no longer considering my application although I havent received any email as yet. Could it be because of some new immigration laws that I dont have a visa right now for UK?


Anyway, I’ve done my application form and got the online tests through which I need to do. For the work style questionnaire… what is the best way to answer? As let’s face it, there obviously is an ideal profile they look for! I always get Empathy then Analytical and lastly, Assertive. Is this ideal or not?


I applied for Management Consulting in London, I have passed the initial psychometric tests {only the Lord knows how} and I am currently waiting for a response from HR. This is my second attempt at PwC, I applied for an Assurance internship this Summer but sadly failed the personality test!


Can you please tell me what kind of answers you selected for the personality questions?


In all honesty my answers were scattered and I felt as though I was contradicting myself because there were cases where I felt none of the traits matched me and then cases when they all did. I don’t remember specific questions but I did stay true to my personality. I think with these questionnaires it’s all about consistency (or at least trying to maintain some) and being true to you. For example a question might say: Do you like to take the lead? I was selecting no despite the fact that the company wants whole leadership because I don’t often take the lead, however I scored 5/5 for whole leadership!. I’ve failed many personality tests: EY, Lloyds, Coutts and in all of those instances I realised that whilst it’s down to luck and playing the competency game a small proportion is also attributed to whether your personality is actually right for the company - as silly as that might sound -


Hi mate, when did you apply for this programme and how long have you been waiting?


Does anyone know when pwc summer internships open for london?


are u applying for grad scheme or internship?