PWC try to get a laugh


Is this a joke? …

I’ve been watching what appears to be a TV show made by PwC on PwC TV (go to Then go to Ch 2. Then go to The Firm, Season 1 and you can see hat I mean).

The concept of the show is like Ricky Gevais / The Office - but it’s actually quite hard to work out if this is meant to be a comedy, or if its meant to be a modern ‘reveal all’ kind of thing. The actors in it are supposed to be real staff, but I really don’t think they could be…

What do you guys tink of this? It just makes me think all PwC employees are born losers! it really shows PwC employees in a bad light - drinking - listening to ipods - turning up late - wearing sexy outfits …and is it slightly racist against Mutesh?! Perhaps PwC are trying to make themselves seem cool… very very strange!


this is awful.

i think its serious though as you can tell by the cheesy end to each film where it sums up the ‘moral’ of the story with some tip for how to act in the workplace based on the film.

i cannot imagine these people work in pwc tho. unless the recruitment process in america is a lot more leniant than in uk. certainly none of them would have got thru the process over here.

if it is serious tho, then it is a terrible piece of PR by PwC and reflects really badly on the firm


That’s awful. Not least because working there is nothing like that. Not at all. Those people are actors as well- people who work for PwC just aren’t ‘like’ that.


…they are supposed to be ‘real’ employees, acting certain roles.

The problem is I don’t think anyone watching this would understand where the boundaries are, or what message PwC are really trying to get across. I really don’t understand if they are trying to tell candidates that they can be like Amy (get to work late, dress provocatively, listen to ipods at work) …or if they are telling candidates not to be like Amy.

And with the guy who is shaving at work - doesn’t this just make PwC seem like they have a massive problem with staff if their employees are basically heavy drinkers who need telling off?

This is certainly an attempt at some kind of viral PR - but I really don’t think it works for an accounting firm. I bet they paid an ad agency a terribly high price to produce this, but its just terribly confusing. There’s even a part of one episode where the moral voice-over at the end says …you can only expect to get exactly what you want from employees if you tell them exactly what you want and define the boundaries"… but this training video confuses all the boundaries.

…as a side note surely Amy is far too attractive to be a real accountant… !


I guess because the message isn’t really clear. There’s actually a whole series of those videos if you search on Google Videos for PwC The Firm.

They don’t really do the firm any favours.