PwC Transfer Pricing final interview


Hi all,
I am so glad to join this forum. I am actually in the U.S now but I find that the website is extremely helpful, especially for job seekers. In this month, I will have a final interview for transfer pricing summer internship at PwC U.S. I have not known the exact day yet because I have to wait for the HR department. I know most of you guys are working in the U.K but I just wonder, could you please help me with some questions below.

1/What should I do to prepare for this interview? I mean everything.

2/ Should I send some cold emails to partners and directors at the office to invite them some coffee to ask about their experience with this career? I assume that even if they do not reply or agree, at least I also catch their attention in the final interview. Also, because I was a transfer pricing intern at KPMG (in my home country, not U.S) before, I could easily talk with them about this.

3/ How should I sell myself during the interview? Also, I would love to hear any other advice and comments.

Thank you very much for reading my post. I look forward to hearing from you guys!