PwC Transaction Services Partner Interview 2012


I know there are already so many boards like this up but just not enough info on TS!
Got my partner interview coming up very soon and would like any tips/advice anyone has.

I’m really most curious about commercial awareness. Do they want to really see a general interest/good knowledge of what’s currently going on or are they also looking for in-depth TS knowledge? I’ve got GENERAL TS knowledge but not sure if that’s enough! It’s so much easier to find info online about Tax and Assurance but there is hardly anything about TS so a bit worried about that!!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi helpmeouTS,

I don’t have any personal experience that could help you out with your TS partner interview, but I was just wondering if you’d seen the TS section on big4gossip? It might not have any more information than you’ve found elsewhere but the guys who run the site have got actual Big4 experience and at least one of them used to work in TS so it might help you out.

Good luck!


Ah that’s amazing thanks! Seen the website but not that section!

Although still looking for specific interview help for anyone else reading this!



Congratulations on the interview - wish you the best of luck!

I was wondering if you mind telling me what office you have applied for, when you applied and how long ago your assessment centre was?

As I also have applied to the same division and iv’e been waiting over a month for my partner interview!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Good luck!


Am PM-ing you now!

P.S. To any new people reading this: I would STILL like partner interview tips/help/advice pleeeeeease :slight_smile: