PwC - time to get a response from initial application?


Hi there, first time message (long time reader!)

Applied to PwC Tax last Wednesday, and have yet to hear anything from them about the next stage - just wondering what other peoples’ experiences are with this and if they had to wait as long as me in the past - or have they in effect said no thanks already?!

My application to KPMG was responded to the day after and I’m preparing for the online tests for them - impressive turn around rate that they have I guess!



I submitted my form yesterday. they got back to me in some hours to get some information about my education. Submitted it after working hours yesterday. Still waiting for their update.


I got an intial response very quickly, but there was a gap of a month between me taking the numerical test and receiving notification that I had passed


Well speak of the devil - just got the email inviting me to take the tests just there the now! Patience is a virtue I guess!