PwC tests

Grant Thornton

I’ve just completed the tests for PwC. I found the numerical one much easier than the one I did for Deloitte and Grant Thornton (the tests were the same!) so think I have passed. However, I also had to take the logical reasoning test and found it soo stupidly hard. I did the SHL sample questions and scored near full marks, but ended up guessing most of the answers when I took the real test.

Has anyone else had this experience with the PwC logical test? and if I fail is that my application scrapped?


Is that the test where you get a series of 5 diagrams and you have to chose the next one in the sequence?


Yep, that’s the one.


Ok if you fail it yes your application is over. Sorry to say but personally I think these tests are easy. Much better than verbal reasoning. Had to do one at an assessment centre today and didn’t struggle at all. You just have to break each diagram down into separate parts and see how each one is changing.


edinburgh_dave, did you sit the PwC ones online? I found the SHL sample questions easy but for some reason struggled (and panicked) with the actual questions today :frowning:


Sat them online and at assessment centre yes


which other companies use shl?


sokas, i’m not sure - I think this site mentions it somewhere though - possibly look under the company profiles, e.g PwC or Deloitte. Turns out I actually passed the logical reasoning one for PwC (with what were educated guesses!) so i’ve got an interview :smiley:

Well done on the offer edinburgh_dave - I read one of your other posts!


Thanks Imiliano. Good luck with the interview!