PwC telephone interview


Hey guys, just have me telephone interview today, and received the email said I pass after 2 hours, come and share my experience. I have got so many useful info from wiki job, just return the favor to other people who want to apply for PwC.

So the interview is 40 minutes around, and the interviewer said she want me to make my answer short and pick up the key points==, because my answer is little bit long and she interrupt me 3 times… BUT, there is a BIG BUT, make your answer full of details! Don’t be afraid of being interrupting. FULL OF PASSION!

The questions are competency based, by their 5 core professionals. Prepare it according to the report that they give to you after the online test.
My questions are: How do you keep up with the business news? What is the recent business news or economic issue interest you? tell me about a time you deal with multiple tasks? tell me about a time you complete a complex task? tell me about a time that you actively sought feedback? What do you know about the programme…

Can’t remember all, but hope that help, best of luck everyone! xxxx~~~