PwC Telephone Interview


I’ve got a PwC Telephone interview coming up for a Consulting Internship, anybody recently been through the exeperience and could give me some advice on the type of questions?


Hi there

I’m afraid I haven’t experienced the interview myself, but I did see this page previously which might be of use?

Best of luck!


I had the interview on Friday for Management consulting grad. I would recommend going over their 5 competencies and having good examples of each. It was very difficult for me so expecting a rejection soon. They had weird questions like “describe a situation that has demotivated you” so be prepared. Not many on the company except for why did you apply, describe your role and current news. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yeah I had my telephone interview last week and managed to get an invite to the AC next month. But yeah - for other people, scan Wikijobs for all the past interview questions and know the values/PwC Professional competencies like the back of your hand.

Know how long your internship is etc as they sometimes ask these to try and see if you know your stuff.


I just heard that I passed mine as well, which was surprising, got my AC in 3 weeks though so I have time to prepare. Well done on getting it as well!


Hi arj_1, congrats for passing the interview! I am having a telephone interview soon, would you mind sharing your experience and the questions asked in the interview? Many thanks!