PwC telephone interview


Hi, I am having my PwC telephone interview soon…I am applying for assurance graduate position.

Just want to ask about how to answer questions like: what recent events have affected PwC and the accounting industry

what issues is UK facing as a whole

should I be talking about accounting reform???


Hi Elise Liu,
I have my telephone interview next Friday. How did your interview go? Was hoping if you’d be willing to share a few details of your interview with me, as to what questions where asked.


Got mine next friday as well!
Yeah, any help would be much appreciated.


Hi Nik67

Well I guess we can discuss it with each other. What division have you applied for?
And what office? What all competencies are you preparing?


I basically wrote down every type of potential question that could come up from here.
I had a AC/partner interview with EY on thursday… waiting for my rejection, but i think you just gotta be yourself. Personally, i was just very honest.

Reading office, audit. You can find out more on their competencies from their website.


Been through their website. I had an AC/Partner interview with Deloitte in March. I think the competencies messed me up.
I am applying for audit, St. Albans office. What time is your interview on Friday (9th)


Hi all,

I have a phone interview for a IT consultancy position at the St Albans office in January, Just wondering if they have region specific questions or just generic ones?


Hi all,

I have recently received an invitation from PwC for a telephone interview.

I have applied for the Graduate Programme in Forensic Technology Solutions.

My interview is on the 17th of Jan, i.e. in 2 weeks.

Can anyone who has applied for this programme give me tips on how I should prepare for the interview?


I have mine 16th Jan, i guess big 4 have standardised telephone interview questions? Can someone be kind enough to post them up here please?


Hello all,

I just got an offer from PwC and since the posts on the forum, here, have been very helpful, I thought I’d share my experience with people who’re in the process of getting the job. With respect to the first (telephone) interview, there is a set pattern. It is given on the PwC website:

The link mentioned above gives you an insight to all the possible competencies you might be asked. Also, I’d prepared a set of examples for them counter questioning me on the aforementioned competencies, which for all the possible reasons depend on the interviewer. You should be concise with your answers and should be straight forward. I don’t think you should try n beat around the bush, they will know if you’re over-exaggerating on some questions and might cross question you there. Also, I’d advice you to sound very confident and speak up.
As far as the first interview goes, that’s the best possible advice that can be given, and I gained from this advice a lot.
If anyone has any other questions, feel free to Pm me and I’d be happy to discuss, in further detail, my interview.

Good luck to all :slight_smile:


Hi dd282,

Congrats on your offer! I had my AC before Christmas and still wait for the date for the partner interview. Did u have ur partner interview recently? And will u share ur experience at the final interview? Many thanks!