PWC Telephone interview with indian call center?!?!!?


Booked my telephone interview this morning with an Indian call center. The reception was bad and I could understand him. Will the telephone interview be like this?!


what are you talking about? are you sure u applied for a post in UK?


I just realised how silly it sounds.

Someone contacted me to arrange the telephone interview. I’ve hard PwC do this - contract out people/another company to do the interviews.


I have no idea, I prefered face to face, so thats what i got.
By the way their graduate recruitment team is based in birmingham, as far as I know.
I don’t think my call ever transfered to India, and I have called them atleast 20 times.
when is ur interview anyway


Ive applied for headstart so didnt get a choice.

Maybe I was wrong, but it sounded like there ws a lot of talking in the background, very bad reception and the person I spoke to had a very heavy indian accent and I could get their name.

Its next week on wednesday. I was emailed some competencies. Will they test me on these only?