PwC telephone interview questions list 18.11.2015


Hi everyone,

I’ve just had a telephone interview with PwC two days ago, and I’m glad to share what I’ve been asked here to you guys :slight_smile:

The questions are all about the FIVE COMPETENCIES about the core value of PwC, which are:

  1. Whole Leadership
  • a time when you actively sought feedback
  • a time when you had to raise a concern about your colleague or classmates
  • a time when you hold different opinions with others working in a team
  1. Technical Capability
  • a time when you manage multi-task
  • a time when you solve a complex task (different aspects needed to be considered)
  1. Global Accumen
  • a time you completed a task without guidence
  1. Relationship
  • a time you created a relationshio outside your usual network
  1. Business Accumen
  • how you keep yourself update with business issues

Besides the competency-based questions, it’s also necessary to prepare the motivation-related questions like:

  • why PwC
  • why the role
  • what you know about the role you applied

Good luck everyone !

can leave a comment if having any other questions about the telephone interview :slight_smile:



Hi :slight_smile: I have my interview on Monday and I have a few questions: 1) Did they mind if you use a similar situation for different questions? As in say, two different answers, both from your recent summer internship? 2) How much detail did they expect you to go into with the business issues question? Did that section go on for a long time or not?

Hope you pass!


Hi :slight_smile: 1) I don’t think they mind if you use a similar situation for different questions, cus that’s what I did in my interview. what you need I think is try to find the different key points within the similar situation towards the different questions to demonstrate the different competencies you have. 2) For each question I gave an answer around 3-4 mins, and the interviewer seemed satisfied with the length and did not interrupt me too much. They might be more interested in what your own responsibilities, what role you play, when you describe a teamwork, and they might want to hear more about how you priorities and plan your tasks, and choose between two or more solutions.
The whole interview process took me around 1 hour. Some say that they only had 30 mins, so I don’t think the time matters that much. Is the answer quality that counts a lot.


Sounds like your interview went pretty smoothly :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ll receive some good news soon. Did you speak about a business issue in the news for 3-4 minutes?? I think I’d be pushed to keep going for that long, although I guess you could talk for a while about your opinions on the matter.


thank you :slight_smile: it was overall smooth but I’m still not sure the result… The business issue can take more time, but I think it’s better to keep it within 5 mins, then the interviewer may ask you more according to what you said, then you can go deep. That’s a kind of interaction process.


did you have your interview on 18? have you got any feedback?


yes. not yet :frowning:


Hi, Siyu, thank you for your post! I have just passed my online test and am waiting for the schedule of the tele interview. Can you give me some ideas about how to answer questions like “to adapt working style to suit someone else” and “created a relationship outside my usual network”. These two questions are dragging me crazy now… Thanks a lot.


What area was this interview for please?


London office


In terms of adapability, can give examples from teamwork experiences where you have to, say, change something easier so that others can understand or you have to work together with the team if you tended to do things alone before.


In terms of relationship, could give examples when you were organizing an events using your network to approach new people, thereby building new relationship to expand your network. How you do that.


Sorry, I meant was it consulting or audit?


Oh sorry, it’s for audit.


Ah ok thank you! Can I ask what you said for why PWC?


Hi Siyu, did you make it through to the next round?


Hello, I am confused about the question " a time when you have to raise a concern about your colleague", what does that mean? when your colleague is doing something wrong you have to report it to the senior or you just tell your colleague about your worries?