PwC tel interview 2013 Grads



How long after the tel interview with PwC did you hear back?




5 working days after the interview


Thank you!
Have you gone through it yourself?
Do you have to perform really well to get it?


Yeah, I have passed one already in early October. I wrote about my experience on another thread, on this one - “PWC: London Assurance 2013;Got an offer, ask me anything!”

I thought I wasnt good but it’s appeared i was quite good. The main points are:
-prepare 2 examples for each competency,
-Two or 3 business news
-About ACA , and why do you want to study it
that is it!

If you have more questions please feel free to ask:)


And by the way, I didnt answer each question very well, I was very nervous and was shaking to be honest. English is not my first language and therefore I also made some mistakes while talking, so its fine. They understand this, everybody is nervous.
Also i prepared one example per competency, so i was creating the second example in due course. ANd i thought it was awful, but i received a good feedback.
So do not worry!


Thank you so much for such a detailed answer! English is not my 1st language either so I tend to loose my words when I get nervous… Just fingers crossed cause I really like their grad scheme and culture!
Well done for your offer! :wink:


Oh no, I haven’t got an offer yet:) just waiting for my partner interview:) very scared, because pwc is my favorite:)
I have the same problem, when I am nervous I am loosing words and sometimes can say something stupid:) fingers crossed for your interview! Hope we both get in and then can have coffee in pwc building:)


Well good luck for your last interview, fingers crossed for both of us!

P.S. Did they got back to you exactly 5 days after your tel interview? Or quicker? Is it the longer you wait the worst the answer will be or there is no relation between timescale and outcome?


Yeah, it was exactly 5 working days. I know three other guys who got their replies even later after 6 or 7 days. As I understood this is because the telephone interviews are conducted by external recruiters who then send their notes to pwc. So don’t worry about that honestly!


I just hate waiting for long after an interview to hear back its so nerve wracking! … :slight_smile: Thanks for all the info Victoria :wink: Best of luck and keep me posted about the final outcome


I will!!!
talk to you soon!:slight_smile: