PwC Technology


Hi everyone,

I’m currently in the process of applying to PwC. I need to take the online tests (Numerical & Verbal Reasoning)

I have chosen to apply for Data Assurance (within the Technology service line)

I was wondering if anyone else has applied to the same programme? (or any other girls :D, I feel like I’m the only girl that’s interested in applying to the tech. programme :frowning: )

(I recently graduated from Computer Science, and believe this programme to be relevant to my skills)



Hi missgeek,
I applied for the Technology assurance as well - Business control systems.
I am a girl like you, and it has been a bit hard to find info for the technology scheme. I just past the telephone interview and I am attending an assessment day soon.



I was recently offered a telephone interview for PwC in Technology, do either of you have any advise for the telephone interview?


hi Katie:
I am a telephone interview on 15th;
is that possible you could give some advice about what questions did you receive??
thank you so much!!